Digital Decoder Ring

If you have a specific marketing issue or need to get multiple brains together to address your marketing conundrums, iSpry has a session just for you. We can get key members of your team together for a round table discussion on solving what marketing problems are kepping you up at night. This is a natural extension of the Digital Decoding Session. If you have a particular area of your organisation that isn't working well with the marketing function, we can also bring additional expertise to help solve your sticking points. Need advice on PR and marketing? Need to know what to do with your website? Need your sales team to communicate better with marketing? Need to get your CEO or board to invest in digital marketing? We can solve all these sticky issues and more. For just $1000, (plus GST) you will receive: 

  • An in depth 2 hour problem solving session with key members of your team. Additional expertise in specific areas canbe brought in for a small extra fee. 
  • A detailed report with recommendations
  • A debrief follow up session'
  • A clear idea of " where to next" for your business.

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