Social Media

Size doesn’t matter. How important are regional social media statistics?

Written by Sarah Price  |  November 16, 2011

There’s been a lot of talk recently in my neck of the woods ( the small town of Darwin In Australia’s Top End pop. approx 127,000) , regarding social media statistics. Gathering accurate population data from regional towns has always been a challenge, particularly in a town with such a cosmopolitan and transient population as Darwin. For those not familiar with it is a smallish town, with a large proportion of its population working in the defence and primary industry sectors. This, coupled with somewhat extreme (albeit beautiful and exciting) fluctuations in seasonal climate provide for a fairly transient population.When it comes to measuring social media usage in regional areas, particular in a town such as Darwin, the challenges are significant. Because of its transient nature and the short amount of time spent in Darwin by many of its residents, a lot of users don’t identify themselves on social channels as residents of Darwin, thus getting accurate counts of social media usage is very difficult.

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